Henning Wang var på Flatanger og knipset bilder av Ondra. Han kjørte også en liten runde på mail. Her er spørsmål og svar: 

– Of the routes you put up in Norway this summer, what were your favorite five routes, and why?


Berntsenbanden extension (8a) – incredible rock, crack climbing and laybacking all the way to ledge with favorite and never-boring view. Move (9b/b+) - the last part is simply amazing. I can't believe there are just enough holds to make it climbable. Iron Curtain (9b) – amazing 7a to start with, and fullpackage climbing to the top with low-percentage crux. Dharma (8c+) – the line of the cave. 65 meters of amazing rock, where I had to chop down one single flake and some holds had to be brushed. Art of Flight (8c+/9a) – first part is an amazing project bolted by american friend Elliot Ashe on the right side of the cave. Everybody is going to overwhelmed by its features. When you grab those holds, you don't know whether you are dreaming or if it is true. The direct line will be around 8c, whereas I went left make some spicy moves on the very end.

– What are your plans now and for the foreseeable future? 

– I have started studying, so my plan is to get down one project in my home climbing area, make a couple of short trips and get ready for the next season, which is going to be all about the comps! 

– Will you return to Norway?And in that case when?

– I might return next year for short break to clean up my mind in the comp season, but in 2015 I will spend the whole summer in Flatanger again. Too many projects left behind, at least four projects waiting to be completed, ranging from 9b+ to 9c. I will have to train a bit I guess.

Her er Ondras førstebestigninger fra i sommer:

Ronja (7c), Hanshallaren, Flatanger, -.05.2013

Berntsenbanden extension (8a), Hanshallaren, Flatanger, 18.05.2013

The Doorkeeper (8b), Hanshallaren, Flatanger, 23.05.2013

Dharma (8c+), Hanshallaren, Flatanger, 25.05.2013

Illusionist (9a), Hanshallaren, Flatanger, 27.05.2013

Purgatory (9a, hard), Hell, 21.07.2013

Nagells Drømmedieder extension (8b), Hanshallaren, Flatanger, 01.08.2013

Iron Curtain (9b), Hanshallaren, Flatanger, 03.08.2013

The Trap (8c+), Hanshallaren, Flatanger, 13.08.2013

Move (9b/+), Hanshallaren, Flatanger, 20.08.2013 

Art of Flight (8c+/9a), Hanshallaren, Flatanger, 10.09.2013 

Kangaroo´s Limb (9a+), Hanshallaren, Flatanger 21.09.2013

Hell Racer (9a+), Hell, 22.09.2013