Det må du bare slutte med. Du risikerer livet for en liten sum penger. I USA har en mann kommet med et initiativ som redder liv. Han kjøper din andre sikring!

Så om du må baile på fjellruta, og snu, så trenger du ikke lenger bekymre deg for å miste dyrt utstyr. Se videoen her for en forklaring:


Her er det han skriver:

Have you ever had to bail off a route and were forced to make the decision to be safe and rappel off two pieces, or cheap and rappel off one? It's a tough decision right! Climbing gear is expensive.

As a life long climbing, and skier, I've been there too. And I'll admit, I have rappelled 6 times off a one-piece anchor. It's not cool.

So I want to remove the financial burden of that decision to climbers that are 30 years old and younger. IF you have to bail, I'll cover the cost of replacement of your second piece of gear. You'd have to rappel off one piece anyway, so that's on you. But when you decide to put in a backup, or better, an equalized two piece anchor, I'll help you out.

Here's how you take me up on the offer. Take a picture of your anchor, tell me what happened, and your address. I'll shop around for replacement gear and mail it to your house. That's it.

If you want to learn more about constructing strong and fast anchors, and learn from me via my sweet new online course, check it out here:

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